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Bill Schultz has experienced a full life. An athlete, business owner, a husband, father, and grandfather. What makes Bill’s life story extraordinary is how it all began. He was born with severe congenital deformities.

Bill has faced tremendous challenges in life and is on a mission to speak and teach about the power of encouragement to overcome obstacles. His powerful programs will leave children and adults inspired to be encouragers and equipped with practical steps for raising children with disabilities or overcoming challenges in their own lives.

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“My goal is to share my personal story as an example of how acceptance and encouragement from others can positively impact one’s life. It started with loving parents. I faced major physical challenges from the time I was born. I was different from the other kids in my neighborhood and at school. Instead of being picked on or bullied, I was accepted by my friends and schoolmates. The healthy self-confidence and self-esteem that resulted from that has enabled me to live a life of fulfillment.” Learn more about Bill here.